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Your kids are whining, not listening, and melting down. You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to scream. Bedtime is hours away, and you’re quickly running out of steam.

It’s challenging enough juggling tasks and kids without the endless power struggles. As the day progresses, it seems like your children’s “No’s!” “Don’t want to’s,” and “Why’s?” are becoming more frequent and getting louder.

You love your kids, but why can’t parenting be easier? And wasn’t having children supposed to be fun?

Playful Parenting

The good news is that you can make parenting easier by using a playful parenting approach. Kids love to play, so…

Wonder how to be a playful parent? Sure, it sounds great in concept, but let’s get real. Being playful is the last thing you want to do when you’re exhausted, your toddler is melting down, and your strong-willed child refuses to listen.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, life is even more stressful. You’re stuck at home with your family. You have a never-ending to-do list. And you’re trying to work remotely with attention-demanding kids.

Playful? Yeah, right.

Playfulness Encourages Cooperation

Kids love to play, so when you’re playful, you work with your children rather than against them. Being playful actually makes things better.


Deadlines. Emails. Phone calls. More emails. And now also clingy children interrupting you non-stop. How are you supposed to be productive working from home with kids? This is especially difficult with a rambunctious toddler or strong-willed child.

It’s definitely a challenge.

Unfortunately, you cannot change this uncontrollable, stressful situation with the COVID-19 quarantine. That’s a given.

But there is good news.

You do have control over how you relate to your child and how you work.

When you relate to your child playfully, you’ll find that even the most strong-willed kids cooperate. …

Messy room with kids’ stuff everywhere showing how parenting is hard
Messy room with kids’ stuff everywhere showing how parenting is hard

Parenting is hard but with the COVID-19 crisis, it just got even harder. No kidding. Your chaotic world of balancing kids, life, home, and work has been turned upside down.

Raising kids was already challenging. More often than not, they didn’t listen. They didn’t cooperate. They pushed back.

Now cooped up 24/7, these power struggles have escalated and are like an exhausting competition stuck in overtime. You can’t leave your house. You can’t organize playdates. Your family is going stir crazy and emotions are running high.

Yes, parenting is hard and kinda sucks right now. But there is a way…

Karen Thurm Safran

Recovering stressed-out mom with secrets to share: parenting, family, and life. Author of Parenting—Let's Make a Game of It.

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